Forget diets. Find freedom with food,
peace with your body, and joy in your life.

Ditching The Diet

Being on a diet , "watching what you eat", and "managing your weight" are so normalized in our society that it may be hard to envision a life where that does not exist.

But science shows us that diets don't work, there's more to health than a number on the scale, and that medical complications can be managed without weight loss.

That's where our work together begins.

Nutrition Counseling

Here at Rhonda Krick Nutrition, I focus on giving my clients the skills and tools needed to feel good in their body, have satisfaction and freedom with food, and begin living their life to the fullest without deprivation, worry, guilt, or shame.

Let's Work Together

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Meet Rhonda

Registered Dietitian

When you first think of a dietitian, do you think of someone giving you a meal plan and being the food police? Unfortunately, that's what I did for many years before realizing that DID NOT WORK. In my personal life, I was seeing a parallel between what my clients were going through and realized just how bad my mental and physical health were trying to achieve the "perfect diet." 

Thankfully, I was introduced to Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size (R) and haven't looked back since.

About Rhonda

Diets don't work.

They leave us in this pattern of restricting and bingeing that
not only throws off our bodies, but can leave us feeling
confused on how we are supposed to nourish ourselves.

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