12 Reasons Why Dieting is Harmful

  1. […] enticing as they sometimes seem, we’ve already established that diets don’t work. Dieting disconnects you from your body’s internal cues of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. […]

  2. […] individual responsibility is to educate ourselves on the dangers of fatphobia. If you’re ready to adopt a weight neutral mindset, consider scheduling a discovery call. […]

  3. […] (because you have to maintain wardrobes in several sizes) but to your health outcomes as well. Yo-yo dieting causes twice the risk of heart disease and a higher overall death […]

  4. […] food and exercise in an attempt to show up as your most confident self. But since we already know diets don’t work, I’m here to propose an alternative: What if instead of changing your body this summer, you […]

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