How many times have you heard or thought about the term, “summer ready body”? As the temperatures rise in many parts of the world, so may be the volume on body-conscious thoughts and feelings. Warmer days mean fewer layers and more pressure to get ‘beach body’ ready. Keep reading to learn a weight-inclusive dietitian’s perspective […]

Body Image

June 9, 2023

Summer Ready Body: Redefining Body Trust and Confidence

Summer Ready Body: Redefining Body Trust and Confidence

Take a purposeful pause to consider what your life could look like if you were to stop dieting and adopt a non-diet approach to life. I know it’s a terrifying concept. If you stop dieting, that means you’re giving up the promise of a future ‘perfect’ you. But in this moment, you can’t see how […]

Diet Culture

April 10, 2023

9 Benefits of a Non-Diet Approach to Life

Non-diet approach

Tired of hearing about self-care for moms as spa days and affirmations? The typical idea that self-love as a busy mom is all butterflies and rainbows is not an accurate depiction. Self-care and self-love for moms, especially with a busy schedule, is more about releasing expectations and meeting yourself where you’re at. Read on to […]


February 8, 2023

Self-Care for Moms: How to Love Yourself as a Busy Mom

self-care for busy moms